Two at a time up down socks question (1 circ, magic loop.)

I’m cast on, working the cuff/leg. How to I work the heel flaps and gusset stitch pick-ups? I tried Google etc.

With toe up socks, I work one heel then go on to the other. I would guess, if that’s what you’re asking about, that you’d have to do the same with cuff downs. You could check Liat Gat’s videos at

I poked around there already. :-/ lol my phone messed up my title argh. They’re top down…

I don’t have a clue how to do the decreases, I’m used to “knit to the last three sts on needle 3…”

Disorientation. Nothing is where it should be. I have knitted patterns written for dpn on circs and used markers to mark the end of each set of stitches that would have been on a separate needle. What pattern are you using? The ‘last 3 sts on the needle’ would be, I think, the last of the heel stitches on your circ. If you can sort out in your head which stitches are where in relation to what you’re used to, I think it will make sense. Maybe because I knew you were doing top down socks in your other threads, I knew what you meant in the title. You can edit it if you want to. You might run down a pattern written for circs for comparison. The numbers of stitches might be different but the way to do it would be the same.

I’m using Gat’s video and free pattern (magic loop.)