Twisty yarn mess


Thanks for any advice you can give me on this!

I am knitting my first ever 2 at a time socks on circulars. I am using Interlacements tiny toes (which is so beautiful!) and have center pull balls, each in their own little bags. I am trying not to twist the two yarns but am being really careful to turn the work back and forth each time. (hope that makes sense)

My problem is that the yarn is getting really twisty and I can’t hang the balls to get it to relax, I tried to pinch it really tightly in the ziplock and let it hang but that didn’t work. It isn’t really a humongus problem but it’s pretty annoying when I’m just learning this new technique and it’s slightly annoying on it’s own.

I’ve only got 3" done and it’s getting worse. Is this just the yarn I’m using or am I doing something wrong? Should I just live with it???


Sounds like you’re already doing what I’d do to keep it managable. You’ve got your 2 balls of yarn in 2 different zip lock bags and you’re flipping your work opposite directions at the end of each row. Are you flipping in the direction to keep it untangled? Maybe you’re flipping the wrong way? That’s the only thing I can think of.

I am turning it in the direction to keep it untangled. It’s just that each individual strand is starting to twist and then get little knots in it. I wonder if it’s the yarn I’m using???

I just don’t know what else to do!!!

Oh, I see what you mean. I don’t know - I’ve never used that yarn so maybe it is the yarn. Maybe keep those baggies not so thighly closed so it’s easier to untwist each ball.

Thanks, maybe that’s it. I’ll try that and see what happens. They are wound into center pull balls but they kept unraveling from the outside so I put them in bags. something else besides baggies to keep them in. I could probably just tuck the outside ends into the ball somewhere and take them out of the bags to see if that helps.


I don’t have a suggestion for you, but I wish you good luck!

I’ve decided to try two at a time socks on two needles – but I’m knitting both strands from the same yarn cake! Your post made me a bit concerned; I’m using Socks That Rock Lightweight and I’ve got about 3-4 inches done.

Hang in there! I’m sure your socks will be beautiful when they’re finished!