Twisting yarn with Fair Isle!

I am doing some Fair Isle for the first time and the two colors get very tangled. I need to keep them as whole skeins (rather than bobbins) and it is a drag to keep stopping every 20-30 stitches to unwind them…any secret here? Or is it the nature of the beast with color knitting???

some people reccomend putting each skein in a ziplock or sealable bag, with just a small opening in to let your working yarn through. This makes it more managable and easier to swap skeins without having to pull long portions of working yarn out of the way.

I just stop and untwist them occasionally. :shrug:

Are you working in the round (with circ’s or dpn’s) or flat?

I found flat Fair Isle difficult but my yarn didn’t tangle because I followed the [B][U]two handed Fair Isle[/U][/B] method (shown on circ’s in that link). I was using straight needles and working flat, so for me it was the purling on the WS that stumped me. I took the rocky road of knitting left handed to get back from the left to right (no turning to the WS.) :roll:

Either flat or round, keeping one color in each hand will stop the tangle (at least until you turn a flat work).

Good luck! Crossed Fingers

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

I like pulling my yarn when knitting from below me, usually the floor. Whenever possible I try to physically keep one ball of yarn on the right side of my feet and one on the left. I keep the balls in separate bags so that they stay clean because they are on the floor. In knitting Fair Isle I do use both hands. If I have colors that aren’t currently being used but are being carried up the side, I tend to keep those to the right. The yarns do still twist, but it’s more manageable when I keep the balls of yarn physically separate.