Twisting yarn? i must be dumb

sorry to make my first post a question…

i am working on a simple poncho that uses two different colors of yarn in the same row. the direction say “twist yarns together when the meet on each row.” this is supposed to be a simple pattern, but yet, i keep messing this up. i have looked online, watched videos and nothing is working… what should i be doing???

When you have more than one color on a row if you don’t twist them somehow there will be a hole.

As you’re knitting, and you need to change colors, insert your needle in the next stitch. Then while the new color is hanging down the back, hold the old color over to the left with your left hand. When you bring up the new color to knit with it, it will come up from under the old color. You are ‘twisted.’

Take a look at the First two Joining Yarn videos on THIS PAGE. They may help give you a visual of twisting the yarn.

This one talks about how to switch colors.

i had looked at those videos, which helped a little… i think my first problem was that i was trying to switch the yarns without inserting my right needle into the next stich first… i had been getting a lot of unslightly loops… so, when i grab the new yarn, it’ll be under the old yarn, right?

thanks for the help.

Yes, you want to new yarn to be under the old yarn. I find that holding the old yarn over to the left makes it automatically happen.

that is good advice! thanks, ingrid. hopefully this poncho won’t turn out to be a disaster now!