Twisting on Circular Needles


I’m a new knitter and I’m trying to knit a cowl using circular needles for the first time. I’m using Clover bamboo circulars and it’s hard to keep the cable straight. I thought I was doing okay but after knitting a few rows it appears I have a twist. But since this is my first time using circulars I’m not sure. Is there anyway someone can take a look and tell me if it is in fact twisted before I start over? I tried to take a clear pic but let me know if it’s too hard to see.

Thank you!!!

I’m sorry to say that at the top of your photot it does indeed look twisted. You have two options. 1) You can leave it as it is and have a twisted cowl, there are patterns that start that way. 2) You can frog and start over.

If you start over it’s easier to avoid the twist by knitting flat for a row or more, then join for in the round. The bit of unjoined rows can be sewn together with the tail.

I have a WIP in time out for ages now that no matter what I did I couldn’t seem to join without a twist and this one can’t be left twisted.

I figured that was likely the case but being a newbie I was hoping I was wrong! I’m thinking I’ll go with the first option and leave it twisted. That way I can at least finish it, then try knitting it again without the twist next time.

Thanks so much for your assistance!!!

You’re welcome. I think anyone who’s done knitting in the round has had that happen. It happens.