Twisting darned yarn!

I’m starting a second topic because I need help in both categories! :grinning: This is something that is driving me crazy. I’ve knitted with two strands of yarn in the past and most recently was doing Phentex for slippers…that horrible nylon stuff that wears like forever but is terrible to work with. I didn’t have much trouble when holding two strands of that, or maybe it’s just because I HATE WORKING WITH IT ANYWAY! but it does really make great, durable slippers.

So, now I"m starting to make a criss cross shoulder thingy and it calls for two strands of knitting worsted to be worked and I have them in separate bags, but the actual strands are twisting and sort of know up. I have to keep stopping and unraveling them. ThIs is not only irritating but very time consuming also. If anyone can give me some hints on how to improve this situation, I’d really appreciate it.

Somewhere I seem to remember hearing one person say that if you are working with two strands of yarn that you should roll them into one ball to start with. Great! I think of it now after doing about six inches on this pattern.

Thanks for you help, fellow crafters.

When turning your work, turn it in different direction when on wrong side than when you are on the right side. What I mean is that if you turn the work clockwise when you are on the right side, then turn counter clockwise when you are on the wrong side.

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Mostly I find it’s a matter of dealing with untangling the two strands as necessary. If you look when you turn your work and see which way will twist the two strands and turn it the other way it helps. Pretty soon I still have to untangle the rat’s nest. I wouldn’t wind the two strands together. I know a lot of knitters say they do and it works well but I see myself ending up with an even bigger headache because they didn’t wind and then unwind as I’m knitting evenly. YMMV of course and winding them together in one ball might work well for you.

My biggest tangling issue is working two pieces at the same time on one circular needle. I try to remember to pay attention to turn my work so the tangling is minimized but I still end up with the yarns twisted together. Hopefully you’ll get some good tips and figure out the way that’s best for you before it makes you crazy. :wink:

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Thank you, GG and engblom. I have been trying to be mindful of turning each row alternately and hoping that would do it, and it does help but I keep forgetting to do that. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. Thank you for your input.

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I agree with the advice above. What I find helps too when you inevitably have to untangle or unwind the strands is to hold the yarn balls and let the project and needles untwist. Make sure that the knitting is pushed back from the needle tips before you do this.

Winding a single ball of yarn creates its own problems as the 2yarns don’t pull out together but, in time separate unevenly.

I knit lots of blankets using 2 strands of yarn. And while I occasionally remember to untwist, I mostly just let things go where they end up.

That’s just me.

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Yes, I’ve been doing that also. I guess I’ve tried everything by now and there’s no magic answer to this irritating problem I guess. But I do thank everyone for your advice.