Twisted yarn

I just got some handspun yarn for my bday :woohoo: but I think it’s quite thick.
but it has 2 strands.
if I unstrand/untwist/whatever it will it still be good or will that ruin it?


Hmm… I’ve never tried that before but I think it might depend on how bulky your yarn is and how strong it’s gonna be when you unravel the two strands :shrug: Maybe you should try that with a little strand of it and pull it to see if it’s strong enough? :shrug:
But I think two strands of yarn are meant to be stranded together to make it stronger?I cannot say for sure though… :??

Sorry about not being able to give you a sure answer… :out:

I agree with Aquaria. If it’s think enough, it might work, but you could always try it out and see if it works…

I will test it out.