Twisted stitches- an epiphany!

This sounds ridiculous but I hope you guys understand…

I am working currently on a cable scarf- and this is the first thing that the pattern of stitches really seem to matter and you can see them. (aka NOT Homespun Devil Yarn!)

I have just figured out that when I have to rip out a couple of rows to fix something (like a purl when I should have knitted), I can just put the stitches on any old way to the needle, then untwist them as I work them. I was actually untwisting them THEN working them, then realized knitting through the back loop does the same thing!

Go me!

(LOL I know this is silly- but I am finally really recognizing the stitches and how they’re constructed now, which is pretty darn cool!)

Ooh yeah, awesome! It’s great when you finally learn to read your knitting - it changes everything! CONGRATS!

Did you figure that out all by yourself? That is pretty good!! My knitting guru taught me that and it has been such a life saver. Sure makes life easier and cuts down on stress thinking you have to pick them up just so.


Yep I did- I don’t have any knitting guru. ;-( I wish I did! There are some gals @ my church who knit I could ask though, so really I do have local help too!)

Exactly - what you said about picking up the stitches just so. It was making me insane. I couldn’t understand how they went until I started stitching them.

The videos and forum here have been a lifesaver! I was thinking a few months ago of starting to knit, found this site, found Yarn Harlot’s blog and was thus inspired.

And now I am just a hair shy of buying some sheep, getting shears and a spinning wheel, and rolling around in yarn all day long. :inlove: I even dream of knitting. It’s nuts!

This isn’t silly, it’s a great accomplishment. Proof you’re definitely not a beginner anymore! Congrats.

LOL. That isn’t silly at all!

I completely understand. I finally figured out, after a time, why my YO’s never produced a pretty little hole. Turns out I YO backwards – knitting in the back of the stitch on the next row fixed the problem!

Yes, I tried YOing in the other direction, but my hands don’t wanna do that for some reason :wink:


One thing I love about knitting is that I have become a “learner” again and I am remembering what it is to have the BIG lights go on. It makes me more sympathetic to my children as I teach them. When I find myself about to say, “LOOK! Can’t you see what you are supposed to do next?!” I catch myself and think “Actually they can’t, but one day they will if I don’t exasperate them so much that they stop doing and trying.”

I think that is what I really love about this forum- we encourage each other to “just keep knitting” and then celebrate when the lights come on for each other. Even better is that we can help each other see some of the tricky things!

I just love it when I figure something out! Isn’t it a great feeling? Congratulations! I will truly feel like a “real” knitter when I can figure out how to fix the mistakes I make without ripping out a bunch of stitches. I am finishing a shawl and believe me if it weren’t for lifelines, it never would have gotten done.