Twisted-Stitch Fingerless Mitts

More experimenting with stitch patterns from the new book I got–[U]Twisted-Stitch Knitting[/U]. I designed this (haven’t made the mate yet) myself using 3 stitches from the book. The yarn is a baby 4 ply washable wool.

What an elegant pattern combination and it looks like fun to do, too. That’ll be a gorgeous pair of fingerless mitts.

That is gorgeous! :inlove:


You are quite the unique cable queen, I must say. Beautiful mitts and, boy oh boy, are you making me want to buy this book!

NICE, Judy!

I love twisted rib cables sooooo much! The ‘line’ or ‘vine’ or what have you really POPS when you do that small technique, the twist!

Great work, as always! Your needles (and your artistry) are never idle!