Twisted Rib?

I am getting ready to start the Ramona Ruth sweater by Deb Barnhill and was reading through the directions before I started. I am already confused. The introduction says, “a little twisted rib placket makes the neckhole large enough for the biggest of babies heads.” The directions start out:
Odd rows 1-9: p1, [k1 tbl, p1]; rep till end, turn
Even rows 2-8: k1, [p1 tbl, k1]; rep till end, turn

Granted I have only been knitting a few years, but I have never seen p1 tbl or heard of twisted rib. I have no idea how to accomplish this. Any suggestions?

Here’s ktbl:

here’s ptbl:

I really love the look of twisted rib, I think you’ll enjoy it once you see it knit up. What happens is you are deliberately twisting those stitches knit (or purled) through the back loop so in a rib, it will make a bit of a more pronounced (twisted) stitch, it looks really neat. Not sure if you are English or Continental knitter, but hopefully these videos will be helpful.

Knitting or purling a stitch through the back loop/leg of the stitch will twist it and that makes the ribbing ‘twisted rib’. There’s also videos on the Glossary page that show ptbl and ktbl.

well, poop, i forgot about the Glossary :frowning: I did check the video section first, but not there. Thanks for that!

Awesome! Thanks so much. I too checked the videos, but not the glossary section. Off to start Ramona!