Twisted rib

Hey everyone. I’m currently working a sock pattern with a twisted rib cuff. For the ribbing, it says [K1 tbl, p1] to end of rnd. However, I had to do twisted ribbing for a sweater and it said [K1 tbl, p1 tbl]. This gave me twists on both the purls and the knits. Am I not doing that on this sock ribbing, or am I supposed to purl through the back loop as well for my sock, even though it doesn’t say?

What I mean is, the way I’m reading the pattern, the rib will only have twists on the knit stitches, and no twist on the purl stitches. Is that correct? If so, are there different types of twisted rib?

Yep, there’s several ways to do twisted rib. Go with the pattern.