Twisted Rib Fingerless Mitts Help

I’m confused. I started the thumb gusset increase on row 4. What next? My first 4 stitches are now purls and the next 2 are knits…If I start with row 1 of the twisted rib (TR) pattern (P2, K2), it stops being a rib.:wall:

Twisted Rib Pattern:
R1, R2, & R4: *P2, K2, repeat from *
R3: *P2, K2, P2, (K2tog but don’t drop the stitches from the left needle, knit the first stitch again, drop both stitches), repeat from *
CO 32 st and join in the round
Repeat R1-R4 four times (8 times), on the fourth (8th) R4 incorporate the thumb gusset increases as follows (for left mitt):
R4: M1, P1, M1, P1, *K2, P2, repeat from * ----This is where I stopped. Starting with R1 above doesn’t make sense, going straight to R2 (below) does sort of make sense

R2: M1, P4, M1, *K2, P2, repeat from *
I didn’t finish the next rows so I don’t violate the rules;)

If I understand the problem, after you start the thumb gusset with the increases on Row4, the next row should be a Row 1 with the thumb purled, increase Row 2, Row 3 with the thumb sts purled ,then increase Row 4, and so on. Follow the rows as given under the directions for thumb gusset(for left mitt). The thumb will be all purl and the rib pattern on the rest of the mitt will continue.

There’s the confusion… the rows are listed as 2, 4, 2, 4, 1 and they aren’t the same as rows 2, 4 and 1of the TR pattern already established. Wonder why they didn’t just number the gusset rows by themself and use 1-5?

Thanks for the help…I’ll give that a try

Well, I think that you have even better suggestion for wording the pattern. As you suggest, continue the pattern “as established” on the rest of the mitt.