Twisted purl stitch (lefty, continental)

Hello friends,
I’m a largely self taught knitter. I’ve been going since May now. It seems that my purl stitch twists, and I’m not sure why. Can the way the yarn is wrapped cause a twist? I feel confident that I’m inserting the needle correctly.
I can give more info if that will help you help me!
Thanks so much.

I believe that wrapping the yarn incorrectly will give you a twisted stitch.

Yes either that or purling tbl will, check out the videos here on how to purl to check. If your stitches are in fact twisted, you can work them through the back loop to straighten them out if you find correcting your wrapping awkward, or buggering up your tension, many people do this deliberately to keep their tension even, it makes ribbing look better for many as well (working them twisted by wrapping backwards and then correcting them on the next row by working tbl).