Twisted Make 1?

I am working on the broadstreet convertible mitten pattern from Knitty & the instructions state:
[COLOR=#333333]Do a twisted make-one (pick up the yarn between two stitches, twist it a half turn, place on left needle, then knit it) [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]it is to create the gusset[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I am not fully understanding the “twist” part. any advice?[/COLOR]

The point is to make a very tight increase. When a pattern says to twist I usually do a regular M1 by lifting the bar from front to back and knitting into the back loop–tight enough for me.

If you want to twist it, though, after you slip the bar onto your left needle, transfer it to the right needle and then put it back on the left by bringing your left tip from right to left under the front loop.