Twisted knitting in the round

I am working on a pinwheel type sweater that is worked from the outside in. I was happily knitting along until I got the feeling that there was a twist in it, and there is. In my defense there are over 400 stitches and they were all so bunched up… yeah, I know I should have paid more attention!:doh: Please PLEASE kntting gods and goddesses tell me there is a way to fix the twist without frogging the whole thing?

Welllll… you can rip back to the first round, untwist the stitches and you won’t have to cast on again…

I’m going to take the yarn and hang myself with it.

:hiding:Sorry! short of sewing and cutting a steek and seaming, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do, you’re kind of at a loss.

:frog: I am thoroughly disgusted. insert your favorite expletive here - I just did I am beginning to think that it’s this yarn. I have started several things with it and every one of them has had a problem and I have had to rip it out. That’s it. the yarn is cursed. Moving on!

Maybe longer needles to start out those 400 sts…

Hey, is it a moebius? If so, you could just bind it off, and use it as a cool scarf. :shrug:

It [B]used to be[/B] a cute little sweater (Berrocco pattern) like the pinwheel sweater for my BIL’s girlfriend’s daughter (it’ll be less of a mouthful when they get married!) for Christmas. I liked the shape and the yarn was fun. I have officially decided that it is bad yarn karma. It’s CP Bamboozle and I love how it feels when it works up, but this is my third attempt and using it and all three have gone badly for one reason or another. Oh well, gotta buy more yarn - shoot! :teehee:

Oh well…the things we must do to be able to knit. :teehee:

Your Christmas knitting list is LONG!

It is a little ambitious - we’ll see how it goes! I am making my first sock attempt starting this weekend. If that goes well, maybe people will be getting socks this year! I’ve been told that hand knit socks are like nothing else and I have several tween/teen nieces that would like the funky yarns.

You GO girl! :thumbsup: