Twisted Knitting HELP!

Everytime I have been knitting with circular needles, my stiches gets twisted. I check the stiches often and I make sure that they are pointing the same way before I knit. Is there any advice that can help me?

Darcy :shrug:


It happens to all of us at one time or another. One thing that helps is to knit a row or two back and forth before joining. It will leave a small gap at the bottom, but you can sew that closed with the yarn tail.

Another thing I read is to lay the knitting down on a table and make sure all the stitches are to the center of the circle before your join.

When I have a lot of stitches, I join and knit just a couple of stitches and then check and recheck if there’s any doubt. I don’t think there is a guaranteed magic trick.

When my stitches got twisted, it was because I was putting the working yarn around the left needle the wrong direction. In a purl stitch, I was going around the needle clockwise with the working yarn, rather then counter-clockwise. I was using circulars when I did this.

Good luck!

Thanks for all your help!