Twisted i-cord?

I have a pattern using i-cord and twisted i-cord. The i-cord I can do, I’m not understanding their directions for making twisted i-cord, I end up with stockinette stitch.

I would greatly appreciate some insight!

Why don’t you write out the instructions you have for a twisted i-cord and one of us can explain the directions to you.

Great idea…
The directions call for 3" of regular icord and 6" of spiral icord. I started the directions from the end of the regular icord instructions.

Spiral I cord…Continue knitting on the five stitches but knit all stitches DO NOT SLIDE but continue to knit normally turning at the end of each row for 6".

Welcome kkfleming!

I’m stumped! It sounds like their telling you to work stockinette or garter stitch flat! I can’t imagine how this would appear to be a twisted sort of i-cord? :?:

…any brilliant insights Marnie?


It sounds like you are making this hat:
I believe those twirls are just stockinette stitch allowed to curl naturally as stockinette will.

Give it a try, just work the normal i-cord then work in stockinette to the length specified. Once you’ve bound off, you should be able to twist it into the shape shown.