Twisted i-cord felted and too long - help!

The good news is that the Sophie bag I knitted from Wisdom “Poems” yarn is beautiful. Perfect shape, cute little felted bumps, etc. I am one proud mama.

So smarty pants here decided to make the twisted i-cord a lot longer because I thought that I knew better than everyone else who had a much shorter handle–not factoring in that the long, rounded cords would roll off my shoulder continously, particularly since the length (34") I selected just bounces this cute little thing off of my generously proportioned hip/butt.

So, I would like to just cut it down and fuse it somehow so you can’t tell I screwed it up to begin with. Does anyone have any suggestions that wouldn’t detract from that otherwise perfect little bag I have just created? I don’t want to just knot it, that would be admitting defeat and not look so great.

Thanks in advance.

Can you re-felt the handle to make it shorter?
Could you DOUBLE it?
I’m trying to think of ideas…I’ll let you know if I think of any more!

Both i-cords are attached to the sides of the bag, knitted from one side to the other side where it is grafted on. The 3-stitch i-cords are twisted before they are grafted to the other side. Looks real purdy on my shoulder for the second it stays there before crashing to the ground. I don’t think doubling up would look right, and if I refelt the whole thing the bag will be baby sized.

What about cutting out the excess and carefully needle felting (which I have no idea how to really do other than a youtube video I saw today) the edges together? Do you just stab the heck out of them with those sharp felting needles (picturing a little head of my first husband on the join part :twisted: ) until they mush together and maybe dip them in hot water or something? Now you can tell I am both evil and not very advanced.

Can you just cut the handle and tie into a decorative knot or bow? Don’t cut it dead in the middle so the knot would fall where you would hold the handle, but off-center so the knot would be close to the beginning of the strap - sort of a decorative tassle effect.

I think cutting it is the only option here. :think: I really like the look of this one so maybe you could do something kind of like this?

I love that picture, Jan. Don’t think I would have found it on my own or thought of it. Something like that might work, so I’ll have to experiment. Thanks so much!

I like Jan’s suggestion. The handle on that bag looks real smart. (will make mental post of that idea for future use of my own.)