Twisted Cable Shell

I am making this beautiful top, I am not quite finished the middle, but I wanted to ask a few questions before I get to the next part (so I don’t have to wait for a response when I am actually there). Anyway, when separating the front and back and armhole decreases, it says to Count 84, 100, (116) sts and place marker.
Decrease Round: BO 6, 6, (10) sts in rib, K1, (P2, K2) Work
pattern to marker (front stitches done), remove marker, BO 6, 6, (10) sts in rib, K1, (P2, K2).
Work pattern across to beginning of round for back stitches. From this point work back and
forth on straight needles. 78, 94, (106) sts on both front and back sides.
TIP-place marker in center of back on row 1, this way you can measure the back section
to finish length instead of measuring from bottom.

If I cast off the 10 stitches in rib, and then knit one, and K2, P2, won’t my stitch pattern be off by 1? Also, it says to place a marker in the centre of back on row 1, how many stitches should I count out before I place the marker?

Good looking pattern for a top!
Remember that it’ll take 11sts to bind off 10sts. That’s the reason for resuming the pattern at K1.

Divide the total sts by 4 and count off that many sts before the BOR marker. It looks like 58sts before the BOR on the row before any bind offs at the underarms.

Thanks for clarifying- I understand now :slight_smile:

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