Twisted 3 needle bind off?

I have a pattern that gives the instruction: bind off using the twisted 3 needle bind off. It doesn’t say how to do it or how it might be different from a regular 3 needle bind off. Is anyone familiar with this method of bind off? I can’t find instructions on how to do it anywhere. Thanks

Check at the beginning and at the end of the pattern to see if they give directions for the twisted 3-needle bind off. It’s a new one to me too.
What pattern are you doing? Can you give us a link to it?

Hi Salmonmac,
I tried to reach the person who wrote the pattern and have just received a reply. (I am so glad she found the time to reply to me as I couldn’t find the information any where.) I only brought a photo copy of my pattern with me to Florida. The pattern may have had directions with it that I missed when I copied it to bring with me on vacation. Anyway, here are the directions, and thanks for your interest and reply to my cry for help.

Twisted Three-Needle Bindoff:
Knit through the next stitch on both LH needles at the same time, slipping both stitches off the needles – 1 st on RH needle.
*Place stitch on front LH needle; k2tog from front needle, placing resulting loop on back LH needle.
Lift second st on back LH needle over first st and off
needle; place remaining st on RH needle.
Knit through the next st on both LH needles at the same time, slipping both sts off the needles – 2 sts on RH needle. Lift second st on RH needle over first stitch and off
needle – 1 st on RH needle; rep from * across.
Cut yarn, slipping end through last rem st to close.

I think I might practice this bind off before I use it on the socks just to be sure I have it right. Thanks again for your help. Elle123

Aha, I hadn’t seen this before. I like your idea of trying this out before working it on your socks. I’ll give it a try on a swatch too.
Thank you for the directions. Hope Florida is sunny and warm!

As is often the case, the directions seem complicated but when I follow them one step at a time I can do it! Now we’ll see how it looks on the sock. The sock has a twisted cable that goes down the side of the foot onto the toe. I think the Twisted bind off should continue the look. Hope it isn’t too bulky for the tip of the toe.
Today it is already in the 80’s. It is going to be a hot one!
Thanks again for your help.