Twist when knitting in the round

ARGH! Normally I have no problem knitting in the round. Unfortunately, I am currently making a ruffle brim hat, in which I k2tog for an entire round, and then k2tog for another round after that. It required me to cast on 560 stitches So I got about 1.5 inches in, and suddenly realized that I twisted my stitches and now I’m knitting a mobius strip/DNA chain instead of a hat. Can this be fixed or do I have to frog it?

Sorry but from what the experts say NO way to fix :frog:

Ouch! I don’t think there is any way to fix it unfortunately. :frowning:

:frowning: Sorry about the frogging…

I’d at least try not to rip into your cast-on, although it might be harder to re-pick up your cast on then to just cast on again. :frowning: sorry. :frog: :frog:

i did the same thing (are you doing the flapper hat from Lion?) and there was no option but to recast on. the good news was that was the hardest part…making sure i got enough yarn wound off for all those cast on stitches! the good news was that the hat was a pretty quick finish after that!

When there’s that many stitches, I knit the first row or two flat before joining. It makes it easier to spot twists.

here’s my F/O that i was going to add earlier! (Photobucket has been playing with their site and it looks gooooood! :thumbsup: )

i need to find someone to wear that hat!