twist stitch

I’m knitting a fisherman knit hat which I have knit several times in the past, but I can’t remember how I did this particular stitch! Senior moment - duh! It’s called a “twist” and the directions say “K 1, skip next st, K next st, K skipped st.” So do I SLIP the stitch, or just skip over it to knit the next stitch, and then knit the skipped stitch and slip them both onto the right hand needle. Nothing I do looks right.

What is the name of the pattern and can you post a link please? (Don’t post the whole pattern) Different designers don’t always do stitches the same so it helps if we can see the pattern or at least a picture.

Are yours supposed to like a mini cable or more like a diagonal line? Here’s a few links to knitting twisted stitches. See if they help.

Right twist

Right and left

Another right and left

thanks! Got it!

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