Twist-Stitch Waves on Philly Cowl? Help!

Here is the Rav link to the pattern.

Directions say to “skip 1 st and purl into the back of the 2nd st, leave on needle, then knit the skipped stitch, slip both sts from needle together”

So I understand the sk1. And I understand ptbl. I don’t understand the rest of it. When I do it I keep adding a stitch.:zombie:

Does anyone know of a video that shows how to do this? I’ve scoured the internet but didn’t find one but I suspect I’m not using the right search terms.

Thank you SO much in advance!

Oh shoot! This isn’t supposed to be here! I meant to post this in How-To. Sorry!

It took 2 tries, but I moved the thread for you.

Okay, what you’re doing is working the sts out of order. You ptbl of the 2nd stitch first, leave it on the left needle, then moving the yarn to the back, knit the first st, then let them both off the left needle. It might be easier if you use a paper clip or something to slip that first stitch onto and let it hang in front, purl the 2nd st, then knit the first st off it’s holder. Do that a couple times, then you can see how it works and don’t need the other holder.

Double thanks for moving this and answering my Q. I was working the second stitch (the ptbl one) twice. Methinks I got it now.

Thank you!