Twist ribbing Berroco pattern

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[B]Sweater pattern:[/B]

Skip the next st, k the following st TBL, k the skipped st
Skip the next st, p the following st leaving st on LH needle, p skipped st, slip both sts off LH needle together

[B]INSTRUCTIONS: [/B]Twisted Rib:
Row 1 (RS): P1, * LT2, p1, rep from * across.
Row 2: K1, * RT2, k1, rep from * across. Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 3”

When doing this ribbing, [B]should I be using a total of 5 sts when they say LT2, p1[/B] – meaning should I twist two sts, then twist two again, then purl one.

I did not do this, I twisted two sts, purled one instead of twist 2, twist 2, purl 1, and it pretty much looks like mish-mosh, not a ribbing as shown in the photo.

I noticed that later in the pattern, it says to work over 7 sts:

Establish Pat St:
Row 1 (RS): K2(4-6-7-9), [B]work Row 1 of Twisted Rib over 7 sts[/B], * k7(8-9-10-11), work Row 1 of Twisted Rib over 7 sts, rep from * 4 times more, k2(4-6-7-9).

[B]ANOTHER QUESTION: [/B] Regarding the twisted stitch itself, I see different ways to do it. Berroco instructions tell you one way (noted above), and when I search their videos, they do show an easier way, so do you think I could do it the easier way, assuming the video is newer than the pattern?

thank you all for your help with this and past questions. Jodi

Each twist st only uses 2 sts - so a LT is 2, a RT uses 2. The 2 just means that it’s over 2 sts, not that you do it twice so you did it right. If you P1, LT2, p1, LT2, p1 that’s over the 7 sts that will be the edge. Ribbing of any kind doesn’t look much like ribbing until you do a couple inches in it.

This brings to mind the other question I had. So saying I’m not “doubling up” (twist 2, then twist 2 again, then purl) as I thought I maybe should have been doing, when I look at the enlarged view of the pattern, I see two columns of twisted little cable-looking things. So, that look will come from not only twisting on the knit side(right side) of sweater, but also from doing the twist st on purl side of sweater? I ask this because one of the videos I watched, she said generally you purl the row after the twist row.

Now, is it possible that berroco left that part out (to purl the next row)assuming knitter knows that and it goes without saying – meaning Row 1 twisty stuff, Row 2 purl, Row 3 twisty stuff again . . .

If the pattern doesn’t call for a purl row after the twist row, then I think that it’s not needed. Besides the video said ‘generally’ meaning not always. So that means not every twist row is followed by a purl row.

Okay, the pattern has you doing a LT on one row and RT on the other row, so that should get you the twist on both sides. The reason it looks like there’s 2 twists is because the purl st between them recedes a bit and can’t be seen well unless the piece is stretched out. Follow the pattern as written, the video just shows you how to do the twist st, the pattern gets you the same look as the sweater.

here’s the problem. I believe they have wrong side and right side (RS/WS) written incorrectly. On my sample swatch, it looks perfect. The “knit” side is the outside of the sweater, but they have it written as wrong side. I swear :slight_smile: My swatch is only 10 sts, so I knitted quickly and didn’t look at “wrong side” at all.

The first thing I did was check berroco for errors and omissions and there was nothing.

No, the RS/WS rows are switched at all. Ribbing in general doesn’t really have a ‘rs’ or ‘ws’, it’s pretty reversible. The RS row starts and ends with a purl because so the twists are 1 st in from the edge to make it easier to seam up. You work 3" of the twisted ribbing, ending with R 1, then work the WS row when you switch to the body of the sweater which is a purl row. The next row is a RS row and it begins with the Knit.

I absolutely have to differ on this one. This ribbing no doubt has a wrong and right side. The back side of the ribbing looks basically like all purls. The front is beautiful.

If I do what it says in this pattern, I will not have the knit sts of the stockinette stitch on the correct side. It’s not just the k1, p1 of the selvage; there’s a “purl 9” and “knit 9” to give the stockinette look between the columns of twisted cables.

I’m serious. And it’s not the heat. :slight_smile:


Yes, but if you follow the rows as given it should work out. The ribbing does have a RS and WS, I thought the OP meant because R 1 of the rib started with a p st, she thought it meant it’s a WS row. The rib is done for 3" ending with the RS row 1 of that pattern, then you inc on the WS row which is given in purls, and then it becomes stockinette st between the twisted sts. She didn’t put that inc row in her post but it’s there in the pattern. Maybe she overlooked it and that’s why she’s confused about which is the RS and which the WS.