Twist color versus solid

I have a pattern from May 2009 in [I]Creative Knitting[I] which shows the pattern using a solid yarn, I have Baby Bea Sweet Delight in the twist. Does anyone know if using a “twist” instead of a solid will mess the design up? The pattern is called Angel Wings and the design looks like wings throughout the blanket I wasn’t sure if using the yarn I have will distort the “wing look” and should I use a solid instead?

It may show up, why don’t you cast on about 20 or 30 sts in the pattern and see how it looks. The Twist is thicker than the regular Sweet delight, I know that; it’s more of a worsted weight with the regular SD is a fingering or sport weight. You may need to use a larger needle on the twist.

Thanks, the pattern call for worsted weight and really, this yarn does not look like some of the twists in other brands, pale pink with a little white running through it. Will give it a shot and see how it works. Thanks for answering