Twist Collective

I love to purchase patterns from Twist Collective! All are pdf’s, of course. The Winter 2011 issue is up online! This issue is spectacular, and I’ve already put 4 designs in my shopping cart.

You know I’m mainly a sweater knitter, but this issue of Twist Collective has great scarfs, shawls, socks, hats, and other accessories! Color work, cable work, lace work.

Another BONUS: all TC designs (new or old) are in the Raverly pattern database before they launch on the website, so as soon as you want to, you can QUEUE it, or fav it.

In my shopping cart: the Eira, the Bellevue, the Corcovado and the Cithara!

I have 5 other designs (not all sweaters) on my[I] maybe list[/I]: Gaeda, Caprio, Zosia, Voluta,and Oscillate!

Plus, this issue of Twist Collective has a great article by FRANKLIN HABIT entitled: [COLOR=DarkRed][B]
The TEN KNITTERS You Meet in HELL[/B][/COLOR] It’s so true that it’s fun to read…and a great laff!

Anyway, thought I’d share some news! :thumbsup:

Twist is always amazing, isn’t it? I seldom use a pattern when I knit, preferring to design on the needles, but I ALWAYS look at creative designers’ work for idea-stealing - oops, I mean borrowing…

LOVE Twist!

I was online last night looking at the new Twist. I have to make Verve, Jania and Voluta.

You just cost me some money :tap: :teehee:

Totally agree! Verve, Voluta, and Jaina are fantastic designs!
A nice feature of Twist Collective is that a) errata is published right there, and b) if the designer publishes an updated version of the design, Twist Collective sends the link to your email, free of charge.