Twist Collective Spring 2013 edition

Twist Collectivepublished their Spring 2013 line of designs this week.

I spotted 3 designs I’m keeping my eye on. Haven’t purchased the pdf’s yet. My favorite design requires sport weight yarn…and I only have two batches of sport weight in my stash…and neither one of them says Spring to me.

So I’m bummered. Cascade has a superwash sport weight, saw it at WEBS…but I’m knitting only from stash this year…so that little cardigan will have to wait…:pout:.

Floriston (sport weight)

Here are the other two designs that I like really well.

Cayley (dk yarn)

Lilium (dk yarn)

Whenever Twist Collective publishes a new line, the designs are already in Ravelry database, so you can fav them, save them, queue them at Ravelry…and generally ooooh and ahhh…which is what I’m doing at the moment.

I like doing business with Twist Collective. A multitude of designers are represented, and if an updated version of the pattern is ever published, you will receive an email (link) to the new pattern (free, of course). Twist Collective also maintains a full CORRECTIONS section. As little errors or idiosyncrasies pop up, Twist Collective is quick to make it known.

I think it’s a great way for talented designers to publish their works of art without having to coax a major publisher into financing a book! A lot of designers can’t put out the amount of volume required for a book.

And I prefer pdf patterns…I like the ability to print the pattern over and over, or print one page, or enlarge the print, or print the chart…even color-coding the chart before printing.

Ever try to smash a big knitting book on your printer and get a high quality copy of the page?
Yeah…and how many times did it take to get a readable copy?! :teehee:

I dislike marking up my books. For example, I have numerous Nicky Epstein books. I like to preserve them!

I want this one. In a different color. But I would love to learn how to knit this.

Ohhhhhhh, it’s adorable! If I could only wear short sleeves…

I’m gonna read up on it over a Ravelry!

Love all the ones you all chose! Really like this one though!

I also do not wear short sleeves. I found some new elbow length T’s though at LLBean. They should be here tomorrow.

I love it, too, Jan! How did I miss this one???

The fit is very nice, very close, 0 positive ease…prolly not the best for my figure these days. I suppose a person could add inches and stitches to the cast on, decreasing them all by armhole shaping and upper body.

I love the color of the model sweater, too. Very Springy, Summery!