Twist and Felting

Hi Folks,

I’m so new to all this…I’m just wondering if anyone knows whether the amount of twist in a homespun worsted yarn has an effect on the ability of the resulting yarn to felt?

Given that I’m a real newbie at this, there’s alot of inconsistency in my yarn (though it’s getting a bit better with each skein… :aww: ) in the amount of twist, as well as the thick & thin aspect.

Any of you with more experience have any thoughts on this?

The only felting projects I’ve done so far were with Kraemer’s Mauch Chunky and that felted BEAUTIFULLY! But it has hardly ANY twist in it!


If you put too much overtwist in your yarn, it will definitely hinder felting. Your ability to control the amount of twist allowed to enter the fiber will come with time. Relax. You’re making yarn; your OWN yarn! :cheering: