(twist) 6 times - help?

Hi: I’m new to this forum so “Hello” to all. I am using a very old pattern for leggings for 3 mos. and I have come to (twist) 6 times in the pattern. I have no idea what this means - can anybody help me out, please? Thanks for any information. SusanM

Hi Susan, and welcome. How, exactly does the pattern read. I have no idea what that means, either, I would think that it’s twisting sts by knitting one in front of the 2nd, then knitting the 2nd…but I’m lost with the ‘twist 6 times’…do u have a pic of the leggings…are they twisted that much?

Could it be a cable twist?

Hello Rebecca: Thank you very much for your quick reply. The pattern is from a very old Beehive “Baby Styles” No. 35 (very old). It is for leggings. It starts with shaping the back and this “twist” comes under: To shape leg: Continue in Stocking st. dec. 1 st. each end of needle to 48 st. Continue even until leg seam measures 6" ending with a purl row. Proceed: 1st row: *(Twist) 6 times. K4. Repeat from * to end of row. 2nd row: K1. Purl to last st. K1. 3rd row: K1: *(Twist) 5 times. K6 Repeat from * once. (Twist) 5 times. K5 That’s it - I have no clue! Does that make any sense to you? I guess I should have read this pattern BEFORE I started. Thanks for any help you might be able to give me. SusanM

Hello Ingrid: Thanks for you reply too! The pattern is entirely in stocking stitch so the cable idea would be out of context. I am stumped as to what they are trying to achieve here. Thanks anyway, SusanM

Is it in a booklet? Maybe there are stitch directions at the beginning.

Hello Ingrid: There are no directions for the twist in the abbreviations section at the back of the booklet or anywhere else in General Information. I wish there was! SusanM

Then maybe it’s just to knit into the back loop to twist the stitch and tighten up the leg ends a little. It shouldn’t make all that much difference, since your stitch numbers seem to stay the same.

I’m stumped. And if Ingrid doesn’t know…I wouldn’t know who to turn to!

Rebecca: I never thought this set of leggings would turn out to be such a problem. I guess I’m just lucky…thanks for your responses. SusanM

:oops: I have discovered what “twist” means after reading the coat pattern that matched the leggings. (I had knit a different coat) Just for everyone’s information, especially Ingrid and Rebecca - the twist is accomplished by the following: K2tog. through front of loops, but do not slip sts. off needle, knit same 2 sts. tog. through back of loops and slip off the needle. The working of these 2 sts. will be termed “Twist”. Sorry to bother you and thank you very much for responding to my question. Susan M.

Learn something new every day! :wink:

Never, EVER think of yourself as a bother on here!! Please, please don’t do that!! We all ask questions…that’s what we are here for, to help each other & share with one another, right :wink: ?! I’m with Ingrid, learn something new everyday! Now, I suppose that this puts a bit of a twist in the leggings as you continue with the pattern?! I can’t wait to see the finished product :smiley: ! I’m very excited about this :cheering: :cheering: ! I’m glad that you discovered the answer :smiley:

And next time this comes up, Rebecca and I will look like geniuses!!

Oh…so true, Ingrid…u so smart :eyebrow: