Twinkle Tuxedo Jacket (Big City Knits)

Hi! Am working on the Tuxedo Jacket from Twinkle’s first book (Big City Knits) and am stuck at this:

(yo, k1, yo) [U][B]into next st[/B][/U]

Can anyone help with this?

I’m supposed to do it twice and then it’ll have increased 4 sts!

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Mrs. S…

I don’t know how you’d call that doing all of that “into” the next stitch exactly but to do all those in that order this is what I would do. Yarn over and knit into the next stitch, then yarn over again and to nail it down work into the next stitch.


Hey friend i would love to help you but unfortunately im not so talented all i can do is to motivate you or ill suggest you to try to search it on net, there you could get any useful information regarding this, best of luck.