Twinkle shrug


This is my very first project ever, apart from knit and purl when I was 16.
It’s out of the twinkle’s big city knits and i’m suuper proud!


That is really lovely. I can’t believe it is your first project ever. You did a super job!!

Wow! That’s just beautiful, and a perfect fit. You did well!

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!:passedout:

Superb! :inlove:

Wow, I love this. What a cool design.

It’s STUNNING!! :thud: Great job!! :balloons:

It’s lovely, and quite different to any other shrug I’ve seen. Beautiful yarn and colour, too. Fabulous job!

That looks great. Can you give us some more details?

Needle Size?

I have made the Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan and have the yarn for the Groovy Sweater dress. I really like the book, but the pattern directions are difficult.


Hi again,
Thank you very much for your kind words. Makes me even more proud :slight_smile:
Concerning your questions: I used 3 strands at the same time of a good quality mohair. I used needle size 12mm, I do not know into what this translates for the US measurement. The only modification I made was for the cable, I basically just corrected a mistake from the book, it wasn’t a major change. I took size large because I read negative comments about the small sizes in the book, and I think that was a good choice.
I will be doing more stuff from the book, which I absolutely love. But indeed, I first need some time to understand the instructions and check possible errors.
My problem is finding yarn, especially bulky yarn, I thought of ordering it from the US, maybe even from twinkle, but I think it would be wayy too expensive…
Anyway, following this forum I am now knitting the branch out scarf in mentol green baby mohair, which is really lovely. I’m halfway, and I’ll post the finished result in a week or so I think.


Fantastic!!! And your first project to boot! Way to go!

WOW! That’s beautiful!

What she said!!!


You should be very proud of yourself. Your shrug is amazing for a first project. Bravo. :cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

More praise - no wonder you’re proud, lovely shrug which fits so nice too - I must go and have a look at that book now!

That is just so different wow. It’s very elegant. It seems like the part where it’s very open at the top might not um, hold up for a long time if you know what I mean. Is it stronger than it looks? Pretty color too!

Wow! Your shrug looks awesome! :cheering: I can’t believe you had to hold three strands together.

I can’t believe that your first project, it’s beautiful!

Amazing! Certainly a better show than the 1x1 rib scarf that was my first project! :lol: Great job!