Twine Handbag Pattern

Does anyone have a cute pattern for a handbag using jute twine? I saw one once a long time ago, and forgot where it was. I started one without a pattern, planning to just wing it, and I don’t like how it’s turning out…need a pattern…

Any ideas out there?

Thank you!!

:thinking: I thought for sure there was one here it might be and I some how over looked it… but really I think you could take any pattern and use the twine instead of the yarn it calls for unless its felted… Good Luck

ETA: was the one I was thinking about… but its raffia or this one I missed them both on KPC too :lol:

How about this one?[

How about this one?[

Those three are all cute!!

The Aline one was what I was thinking of…thanks for finding it. I had forgotten it was from Knitty.

That pattern doesn’t make sense to me, for the Aline bag, where it says for the bag bottom: “on #10 Circular needles, CO 15 stitches. Work in garter stitch for 6 rows.”

How can 15 stitches fit on a 24" circ needle? Or is it not in a circle shape, the needles are just kept straight?

That monkey one is cute too.

Ok, so does raffia come in spools/balls? The only raffia I’ve ever seen is in 1 yard strips…? :oops: :oops: Do the Michael’s/Hobby Lobby’s type stores have colored raffia?

I’ve seen the raffia in different colors and in balls at wally world so Michaels/Joanns should have it or maybe Hobby Lobby if you have one close to you… The garter stitch is worked flat after your 6rows you will then start to pick up your sts and begin working in the round :thumbsup:

Will definately be checking that one out!