Twin rib scarf


I’m using Bernat Pop with the changing colors. I’m knitting a scarf in a twin rib stitch. It’s like a rib stitch but lies flat. It’s nice for scarves because it’s reversible and looks the same on both sides. But you don’t get the stretch and thickness. It’s cast on in multiples of three. First row, k3, p3 across the row. Second row, k1, p1 across. Repeat the two rows for pattern.


That is a pretty pattern for a scarf. I am going to try it. Even if I already have way too many scarves. Lol


Good for a break from more complicated project. Tv knitting. I have visions of using scraps for Dr Who type scarf 12 feet long. Although that is garter stitch.


It looks really nice, I like your choice of color.


It looks really pretty! I like the yarn too. I’m knitting a basic stockinette scarf at the moment with some stripes as my first project… this would be a greater level up for me on my next scarf! I’ve got a hat next, maybe a shawl or blanket and eventually want to make a jumper for my partner with some cables in when I can commit to it :slight_smile: