Twin Peaks Shawl Pick Up Stitches Help

Hi, I’m a beginning knitter stuggling to increase my knowledge so that some day I might be called “intermediate.” Here is a pattern I’m working on that has me stumped.

I’ve just completed the first triangle of the Twin Peaks Shawl from I have to now pick up 79 stitches vertically from the top of the triangle down the side.

The pattern calls for you to slip the last stitch with yarn in front on each row, so there is a loopy edge. The problem I have is that I have 40 rows of stitches vertically, and I don’t know how to pick up more than one stitch in each row.

The yarn I am using Whispers is a lacy Mohair Acrylic blend, so picking up stitches has to be done really well or the fabric pulls and looks awful. The edge stitches have two loops on the side with one lower stitch in the middle.(I hope that makes sense)

Do I pick up each edge loop? At the same time? I tried picking up one stitch and then wrapping it to make two, and that just unraveled into one stitch which created a big hole.

I’m really confused, and just picking up one stitch each row and then increasing in the next row made a huge noticeable hole, so that wasn’t a workable solution either. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ellen

You can pick up one in the ‘hole’ of the edge under the two strands, and then one in the place where the stitches join. Does that make sense?

Thanks for replying Ingrid. Unfortunately, I don’t understand what to do. I think I get how I would pick up a stitch in the hole under the two edge strands, but I’m not clear on where the second stitch would come from. Sorry…I sure wish there was a video or illustration that would make sense…thanks for the help though…Ellen

That’s made in garter st. Are you sure you don’t mean you have 40 ridges? That’s 80 rows - each ridge is two rows.

Here is a photo of the edge of the shawl. There are two loops to the edge with another piece of yarn in the center.(it is lower than the edge loops) So, I could pick up stitches from each loop or from one loop and the “lower” center stitch? Ellen

This is what I would do.

Thank you so much Ingrid! It is much clearer to me now that I can “see” where to go with picking up stitches. Best wishes, Ellen