Twin Cities Bridge Collapse

It is my ardent hope, and prayer that all my brother and sister knitters and their loved ones in this area are all safe, and accounted for by now! I am keeping everyone involved in my prayers.

Thank you Linda!:muah:I know there are a few of us on KH that are accounted for, thank goodness. Every time somthing like this happens, from 9/11 to this, my comfort radius from my home grows smaller. At least I live only 4 miles from work. But I drove that bridge at least twice a day for 3 years when I went to school, and know people who narrowly missed being on it at the time. In one case a friend was going to go walking along the river under the bridge but got delayed, so she missed being there as well. If you have a strong stomach, there is a surveilance video that captures the entire incident on I personally can’t watch it, I’ve just been on that bridge too many times. My grandmother who has been afraid of bridges her entire life hid under covers when she had to cross that bridge to come see me.
Sorry to ramble, I think the shock is starting to wear off and the horror of it is starting to settle in:pout:

:hug:for everyone in the area. I hope you all and your family/friends/loved ones are safe and accounted for. I’ll keep those in MN in my thoughts.