Twilight Knitting Patterns

My 13 yo niece is obsessed with the Twilight Saga. (I have to admit I enjoyed the book, Twilight, as well.) I’ve seen alot of groups knitting up Harry Potter items and wondered if anyone knows of any Twilight knitting patterns so I can knit something for her for Christmas. I checked Ravelry - but found some patterns that didn’t SCREAM Twilight or that were sock patterns - too complicated for me to knit for a 13 yo. Any links to patterns or pattern info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’ll be watching this thread- my daughter just read the 1st book and loved it- then my sister borrowed it- finished it in 2 days and insists we must buy the 2nd book TODAY!

How about taking the cover art sock pattern on Rav and using it for a purse/bag?

How about this one?

This one says it has been submitted to a Twilight themed book- maybe one is in the works?

I haven’t read it yet but sounds good- hope you find some patterns.

There’s no pattern yet available for the tote she knitted. :frowning:

Oh bummer. I felt so clever, too! :doh:

That bag would be perfect.

I bet once the movie comes out there will be more things available. I haven’t looked on Craftster yet but you might try over there too.

I read the saga too. It was good. Great teen read (even tho I haven’t been a teen in … well let’s not go there). Haven’t seen any patterns though. Anyone know when the movie comes out?

Nov. 21st

The movie is coming out November 21…my 12 year old is counting down the days! :wink:

I absolutely love this pattern:

Bella’s Mittens. They’re modeled after the mittens Kristen Stewart wears in the Twilight movie. I’m working on my fourth pair. It’s a very good pattern, and the cable isn’t very complicated.

I can’t wait until the much talked about Twilight Knit book is complete or out. I have been watching on Ravelry and there are a number of goodies now. The tkb group on Ravelry are looking for Test Knitters for some of the items.

There is a free knitting chart for “twilight” at

There is a group on Ravelry called TKB. A lady worked really hard on patterns and had some test knitters so she could publish a Twilight Knit Book. She submitted everything to Stephanie Seymour and her publicist (I think) said Stephanie Seymour was not interested and would not give permission to have something published. I am not sure if the lady that leads the group will post her patterns or not, as she was told by copyright lawyers that SM could sue her for copyright infringement.

Seems silly though because places like Walmart have an entire section of Twilight stuff with totes and shirts and there is even a Sweettart candy out now with Twilight marketing on the package.

Guess SM doesn’t like knitters so much.

I will keep my eye out as I think it would be fab and am a Twilight Saga fan as well.

Here are some links though to my fave free patterns for Twilight-

It also just occured to me, with so many fabulous knits worn by the actresses in her movies, maybe she plans on letting the person whom made them for the movie do a book, or sell the patterns for the knits? Wonder if I could research who did them. . .

I found a pattern for the mitten’s Bella wore during the Twilight movie on Ravelry. I have started making them for my neice for Christmas. So far the pattern is not too complicated.:yay:

there is a book called Vamipre Knits: Projects to Keep You knitting from Twilight to Dawn. I myself love twilight and i found this book and there are so many fun projects in there that she may like. let me know if you get the book and if you like it. i enjoy it and have made a few things out of it for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooo I’ll be watching this thread too!

There is a book of patterns called [U]Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn[/U][/U], by Genevieve Miller.