This is my latest. The first time making curlicues. Seems the double crochet ones curl best. The sewing is by far the hardest thing for me to do. Wish I had an assembly line to pass the knitted muff off to a creative sewer

I won’t be posting anymore unless some creative miracle happens for bobbly bits. Just thought I would share the curlycues which are apparently very popular.


Thank you for posting this! I’m hoping to make Twiddlemuffs one of my 2018 projects. Have you donated any yet and where to? I’d like to donate to local nursing homes. Have to have my dh inquire if there’s a need because I’m deaf and can’t communicate face to face. Anyway, if you’ve done this before my question is about the buttons and any other small bits. I’m a little concerned about choking hazards for people with dementia. Any thoughts on that? BTW, I just love the curliques! I’ve also seen the muffs knitted with stripes of various textured yarns. And how about pockets in different sizes? They don’t even have to be big enough to put something in. I think buy fingers just like exploring little pockets.

We have a competition in our local Spring Show for twiddlemuffs, which then are donated to the dementia ward at the local hospital - maybe you could try that route?
Here is the one I did last year which does have a pocket - I put a tiny lace hanky in it.!twiddlemuff reduced

Those sound like wonderful ideas for twiddlemuffs. I’m sure the homes you donate to are delighted.

@gramercy, wonderful colors, textures and add-ons. I never thought to add pockets but that works perfectly.

I had the most rewarding experience.I contacted a nursing home by email to see if they were interested in knitted donations. I had shawls and the twiddlemuffs for their dementia residents. A very positive response.

When I dropped them off, she was happy with the shawls, but overjoyed with the twiddlemuffs. Tears filled her eyes, and mine. She hugged me twice and said she had never had twiddlemuffs before and felt they would be wonderful for them.

I am therefore going to make one for every person who would find comfort in them at her home. I will then contact another home to do the same.

My twiddlemuffs I am simply going to adorn with curlycues and knitted or crocheted flowers or hearts
Sewn on. Love the pocket idea too.

My cuffs, the inside part, are made with very soft chunky yarn so there is excess that they can grab onto if they want. Otherwise simply warm their fragile hands inside.

I use different colours on the outside, different techniques and stitches for their visual pleasure.

I love yours. What are the zig zag sts you use on the
Left hand side. Love that! Also the fun yarn on the right. What is it called and where did you get that?

I hope I have ans all your questions. I know most people add a lot of baubles, buttons,etc…I will do mine as mentioned. But I will ask them to let me know if it is enough and they are enjoyed. If not, will adjust from there.

Have fun! Such a worthy cause…the forgotten ones in many ways.

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Clearly it is early and I replied to your questions also thinking you had also made the posted muff. Ignore this senior moment!

I love your muff! Love the pocket idea.
What are the stitches on the left like a zig zag. They are fun looking.

I also wondered what the fun yarn is on the right side and where you got it from.


I’m glad you like it - it was great fun to do! I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly how I did the zigzag bit but the furry yarn is King Cole Tinsel - it comes in loads of different colours. I was using it all last year to knit my Happy Hedgies.
This is where I get it but its generally available.

Thank you. Fun name of yarn! Here is a link I found on you tube for something similar. Not the same but a zig zaggy type pattern.

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Thank you! I’ll do an online search for some local nursing homes and contact them. Great information on the how to. The wonderful thing is they’re all different.