Twiddlemuff-bauble suggestions& how best to apply

Knitting my first twiddlemuff. Hope first of many.
Knitting in the round is so easy. I strayed from making them before since I had only seen them knit flat then
A bunch of sewing. Yikes to that for me.

As the title says, I am looking for suggestions and pictures if you have any, of baubles to be attached and how to do it. I have seen ribbons…also something that
Looked like 6 ends altogether that would be weaved in.

Thanks all!

Take a look at some of the Ravelry patterns and their project pages. You’ll get an idea of the kinds of things that can be attached. It may help also to look through your sewing box or button box to see what odds and ends you might have.

This is such a wonderful thing to knit for those in need. Thank you.

Never thought of Ravelry. Thank you Salmonmac.