Twiddle muffs

Has anyone made twiddle muffs and had happy results with the recipient? Perhaps you work with dementia patients. I wonder if they last with the hot water washing done in nursing homes.

I would like to try one in memory of my mother who had dementia. I made a log cabin lapghan hoping someone would enjoy it. Now I am wondering if the twiddle muff would be a better choice. More to fiddle with to keep the restless hands busy.

I look forward to your experiences.

That’s a wonderful idea. Look for a good washable acrylic like Caron Simply Soft that is machine washable and soft. CSS also comes in lots of bright colors. I’ve never tested it out in really hot water but it washes well in warm water. You may have to test your yarn out on a sample or swatch.
I’m sure you’ve looked online for information but this sounded like helpful advice:

Maybe you could ask the staff at a facility in your area? They may be happy to give you an opinion on how successful these muffs are.
The link below is from a hospital in the UK that is looking for donations so presumably they find them useful.

Thx Salmonmac! They seem such a wonderful creative item. So many smart people. They are also used as a sleeve to prevent picking at skin or i.v, lines. Those ones I guess don’t have the same amount of bobbles.

I read about one lady who was anxious and fidgety. She was given one and instantly relaxed. Kept her hands in the muff where there are sewn items to fiddle with. Others with restless hands enjoy the outside too, and all the colours and textures. I wish I found these when mom was with us. Her comfort was a baby doll wrapped in a knitted blanket.

When done I will post it for sure. Still battling a sore thumb…doc visit possibly in order. Can’t wait to get back to knitting.

Hope the sore thumb improves soon!
Yes, these muffs sound like such a simple and inventive solution. I didn’t know there were things sewn inside until I started searching for online info.
Love to see how yours turns out.