Tweed slippers confuse

Knitting St st throughout it has row 1 thru row 9
Row 9 Rep row 3. 13 sets. I knit all rows I started cast on 3 sts (toe) now I have 13 sts at the end I had to increase rep so now it states shaping rows only but it starts with row 13, row 15, 17,21,it skips rows should I just follow the pattern and don’t worry about the skips rows

What is the name of your pattern and the designer? There are several Tweed slippers on Ravelry.
Check and see if somewhere in the pattern there is a direction for the even number rows.
Row 1-8 is stockinette then row 9 is a repeat of row 3? What are the directions for rows 10-12?

Sarah Dallas knitting it jumps to row 13

Ah, yes. Work the missing rows in stockinette stitch with no shaping. The odd number rows are knit and the even rows are purl.
Rows 11 and 19 are knit for example and rows 10,12,14,16,18 and 20 are purled. Only the rows with increases and later decreases are written out.

Thank you I will see how that works its a challenge I’m a beginner you help me with my first dog sweater thank you again if I get stuck I’ll as for help

Question on row 9 I should have 13 stitches on my needle after all the increase

Yes, 13 sts at the end of row 9. There’s one stitch increased on rows 2,4,6 and 7. Two sts increased on rows 3,5 and 9.

Thank you for all your help when I’m done I’ll post it

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Before I’m way ahead of my self 50g super fine yard is the right yarn

You’re yarn is by the ball band (32sts/4inches) a bit thin for the pattern gauge (27sts/4inches). That’s not to say it won’t work. The best way to tell is to knit a good sized swatch, say 35sts for about 4 inches and measure your gauge with your needles over the middle 4 inches. See how close you come to the pattern gauge and see if you like the feel of the knit fabric. Is it what you would like for these slippers.

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Question I’m confuse on this other pattern it’s a yarnspirations pattern it’s a headband I finished the first row I knitted 11 inches but now it’s telling me to c24f which I’m confuse because I only cast 24 stitch

Over in the first column there is a list of pattern abbreviations. For C24F the pattern says:
“C24F = Slip next 12 stitches onto cable needle
and leave at front of work.
(K1. P1) 6 times, then (K1.P1) 6 times from cable needle.”

This is going to give you that big twist that is shown on the front of the headband.

Again thank you I’m just a beginner with your help I can do this

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Nice pattern for a beginner or an experienced knitter. Enjoy working it!