Tw2r- what to do on "next row."

So, doing the Tw2r stitch isn’t too hard, but the next line in my pattern says knit the knit and purl the purl…still sounds easy until I get to the part where I Tw2r on the row before. It looks like two purl stiches in one stitch.
By that I mean the “bar” is across 2 stitches. Do I stitch them as 1 stitch, or purl each loop individually? I’m afraid I will decrease my pattern if I stitch them together, but it isn’t having the effect of a cable…
Does that make sense to anyone?

Can you tell us what you’re making and provide a link?

I am making a man’s hat. I might be able to findicate the pattern. Is that

It all helps just so we can be sure. In general, I’d say purl the twist sts on the next row. It helps to think about what you would like this stitch pattern to look like on the right side row. Usually that’s a kind of knit stitch cable.

Thanks for helping! One more question. …since the twisted stiches look
scrunch together, would I purl them individually or purl them together as
one stitch?

Purl them individually unless the pattern says otherwise.