TV Socks Pattern question

I am a new knitter, teaching myself. I have an old pattern for TV Socks from my mother (who is now deceased) and there is one instruction I don’t understand. It is: “Knit 2 st. yarn over, knit 2 together”. The knit 2 st. would be knit 2 stitches, but what does “yarn over” mean? I would be willing to share the pattern is anyone is interested. Thank you for your help!

A yarnover is bringing the yarn over the top of the needle - like making a knit stitch except the R needle isn’t inserted into a stitch on the L needle. There’s a video for it on the Increases page. In this pattern it doesn’t add sts because it’s offset by the k2tog, but it will make a ‘hole’ which is supposed to be there.

I would be interested to see a pic of these when your done!

just come back here and make a new post with a pic in it and tell us about your knitting it…!!

Ive never heard of “TV Socks”

I cant wait to see them.

They are like a little slip on slipper. I will take a pic when they are finished. Since I’m so new at this, I’m just going to use some inexpensive black yarn I already have! Need to practice!

I’d love the pattern for the TV Socks. I bought some at church bazaar once and they are very comfy for warming your feet.

This is the pattern my mom gave me. (I’m just starting them, so hope its right!) Use #6 needles.
Cast on 60 stitches (for childrens size, use 52 stitches)
Knit 2 rows
Knit 2 st., yarn over, knit 2 together (1 row)
Knit 2, purl 2 for 7 rows
Knit 30 rows
Knit 2, purl 2 for 7 rows
Knit 2, yarn over, knit 2 together (1 row)
Knit 2 rows
Cast off.

I would like you to let me know how they turn out. Thanks!

Well, that’s curious, because I don’t see any directions for a heel or gusset reduction instructions.

It sounds like you’re going to fold them and stitch them together and that it will almost look like a cute little elf shoe? Maybe? I got nothin’.

I know, but it does sound like you fold them and stitch them together. I was reading the instructions and it sounds like before the “30 rows” and after the “30 rows” the directions are the same. I’ll just have to wait and see…it’s been YEARS since my mother made them and I just can’t remember all the details. I didn’t have a desire to knit back then, so…didn’t pay attention! Just wore them!!!

Years ago when I bought some, I had no knowledge of knitting other than if I knit on one side, I had to purl on the other when I turned the work around. Knitting in the round would have been as foreign to me as computers would be to Medieval man.

Ok, I made one sock. LOL! You can tell I’m a new knitter!!! The one I made would fit a giant with a size 20+ shoe!!! I followed the instructions, too. I used a medium yarn (the pkg. says #4). I stitched up the back and the front (toe part), then up the opening about half way or a little more. I think if they were the right size, they would be cute. I’m keeping this one slipper to remind me to size things when the yarn isn’t mentioned in the pattern!!! Besides, every time I look at it, I’ll get a good laugh! I’m going to try again and this time, I’ll measure! I’ll take a picture of the new ones…I’m too embarrassed to take a picture of this one!!!

Awww, you didn’t make a gauge swatch. Shame, shame, know your name…Did you know that every time you don’t make a gauge swatch a baby kitten dies? Sad, but true.

PS. Yay, another knitter from PA.

I’ve killed a lot of kittens then…