TV knitting

This is how I have been keeping my evenings busy and preventing myself from falling asleep on the sofa while my boyfriend watches yet another mountaineering film…I started knitting this year in January - so still a beginner really

The bag is a Rowan design (ribbon twist Josie), this was knitted up in one evening…

The scarf has been knitted up with Kidsilk haze…this is such a beautiful yarn, it is a free pattern if anyone is interested.

The third one is a Baby blanket taken from Debbie Bliss Easy baby knits for beginners, yarn used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran- all the squares are done (about 250 of them!) but need to be pressed and sewn up (the part that I do not really like)

I am now working on another ribbon twist project (Rowan cardigan called honey) - I love this yarn and it is such a shame that it got discontinued.

Happy TV knitting!

You have been busy.

I love the bag , it is lovely.


They look great! I like knitting in front of the TV, too.

My fave is the scarf! Beautiful! And this is beginning knitting!? Great stuff! Isn’t fab to have something so beautiful after sitting and watching TV?!

Nice work! I like the scarf best too. Red gossamer! Lovely.

oo i love that ribbon twist yarn - i made a elongated stitch scarf out of it. the pag is very pretty, i still think my LYS has some in i may have to go buy some and have a go!!

lovely TV knitting :slight_smile:

That scarf is so lacey and light! Great job on everything!

I love my ribbon twist…It is so quick to knit too. I have nearly finished the cardigan ‘honey’ from the rowan ribbon twist book, will be starting on the sleeves today if I get some time.

The cardigan is my first ‘big’ project, I have knitted lots of scarves, wrist warmers, and squares before but nothing as advanced as a raglan cardi, and actually it wasn’t that scary at all and now I am planning to do another one, I am esp. drawn towards the pattern Jilly or Beth from the same book. I knitted the bag before the cardigan, to make sure I was familiar with reading the instructions.

The problem is that the yarn is now discontinued, and therefore difficult to get. Also as much as I love it, I would like to do the same pattern but in a more ‘uniform colour’. But do not know how to get a yarn that matches…any ideas any one?? I was thinking of Rowan big wool, but think it is too chunky, also thought of Bergere de France ‘Alaska’ or ‘Celtic’ but i think it is too thin… :?? Ribbon twist knits up on 12mm needles.

The scarf looks like it has a big hole on the picture (not sure why as it doesn’t, but none of the pictures do any of the item justice)…was my 3rd project after I learned to knit ( which took me ages as I could not figure out the purl stitch!!). I remember having to start it up again several times as I kept making mistakes :oo: but wanted it to be perfect and persevered. I have now made several of them for presents and only takes 1 skein of yarn.

The blanket remains unfinished, I need to take up the courage to put all the squares together soon as it is a Christmas gift :oo:

TV knitting is so relaxing, there is nothing better than to have a lovely project to knit, a glass of red wine and preferably a good film on TV…but there is a little chance of the good film if my bf is watching TV too :roflhard:

Happy TV knitting and thank you for all your nice comments.


:woot:Great job! The scarf is my fave! :heart:

The scarf looks just gorgeous! What is the name of the pattern?

These are beautiful! I love the bag in particular. And one-evening projects work for me!..

Beautiful !!! AND you are a beginner??? Great stuff !!!

Hello Joyuna

The pattern is called ‘Easy lace scarf’, it is a based on a traditional feather and fan pattern…very easy because there is only one pattern row in every 4. I found this to be perfect to be practising on when I was still learning the major techniques. it is so nice to wear too!

I used 1 ball of Rowan Kidsilk spray and 1 pair 6mm needles.

Using 6mm needles, cast on 38 stitches loosely (if you prefer use 7mm needles 1st and then change to 6mm)

Work as follow:
Row1: (RS) knit
Row2: Purl
Row3: K1, *(K2tog) 3times
(YO, K1) 6 times
(K2tog) 3 times
repeat from * to last stitch
Row4: Knit

To remember, Try KPPK - knit, purl, pattern, knit. I found it very useful to use a post-it which I moved up and down the pattern as I knitted it to remember where I was.

Repeat Row 1-4 until yarn runs out
Cast off loosely. Block lighty.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


All of your FOs look really nice! You’ve done a great job especially so since you’re a newbie to knitting! Looks like you’re already addicted - enjoy!

:happydance:They look wonderful…knitting is what saves me during college football…dh wants me to watch with him but yawn so I knit…we both win :teehee:

So pretty, great job on these… I love tha bag

Those are gorgeous! How did you learn how to knit? I’ve been knitting since May, and figuring out patterns by myself is so hard. I am impressed!

[B]Next to my rocking chair I have a basket that is for knitting stuff. All of my needles, and stuff. Other odds and ends I need also.

There are 3 pioes down there waiting to be completed. I can do my scarf any time… The hat can be knit when it’s just hubby and I. I need him with me so I can measure it on him while it’s still on the needles… And my blanket is worked on when it’s QUIET!!![/B]

Hello CTBarb

I learned to knit by myself, one afternoon after a boring day after work just after New Year I went into my LYS and dreamed to do something with all that beautiful yarn. My mum is a fab knitter but I never managed to pick it from her explanations, but she inspired me with her knittings to go and learn it by myself.

She recommended that I buy a simple wool and size 6mm needles for a start. So that is what I did, I bought 1 skein of Wendy fusion 950%wool, 50% acrylic) in a colour that I liked.

At primary we had to learn how to knit and I hated it, however I did remember a few things, such as CO and the knit stitch quite quickly. But I was stuck when it came to purling. I browsed the world of www for hours for know hows, tried and tried , frogged and frogged, and watched Amy’s videos repeatedly:shrug: I was about to tear my hair out and my bf was going insane, but I don’t know how it happened, it suddenly did and I was the happiest girl alive that moment :happydance:

Once I got that my first project I did was a pair of finger warmers, I did it without pattern, as I did not want to have anything complicated added in there. So all I did was to CO 30 sts, and I worked in garter for a few rows for the wrist band, and then in stockinette for the rest, it formed a rectangle which I sew together. Then I did a rib st scarf with fringes and beads on the fringes and then the feather and lace scarf, that way i learned new techniques very slowly and it makes knitting really interesting!

Now it is great as I can pinch ideas from my mum when I go to visit her every 6 months, and she has even learned some things from me :yay:

I would really like to learn to crochet next but don’t have the courage at the moment as I do not know where to start, in the meanwhile I am loving my knitting and I am very addicted!!

SusanMarie1956 I agree, it is great to have several projects on the go, especially while TV knitting, as more delicate things require peace and quiet!! This is why i haven’t stitched the squares up yet, I need full concentration and good light…but I have made progress on the blanket…I have blocked each 250 squares !!! :cheering:

And even know I drove my bf insane at the beginning, he likes it as he got a pair of finger warmers too and I keep awake while watching TV. :thumbsup:

How many stitches did you cast on for the scarf… also on row 3, it says do repeat til last stitch, what do you do with the last stitch? knit? thanks… I have some of that yarn and want to do the same scarf you did… it is beautifull! How long was it?