TV dinner which one?

I knit alot especially now it rushing for X’mas gifts…any recommendation on tv Dinners like lean cusine and other brands… which one is the best for the knitter like me who do not have time to cook…

well they mostly all suck but of all the options out there, I like Amy’s the best…I use them a lot for work meals. They might be more likely to be located in the vegetarian or health food section.

Marie Callendar’s are good, but fairly high calorie.


The Lean Cuisine sesame chicken is pretty good. I also like the meat lasagna.

I like the larger lasagne from Kroger better than Stouffers. Bake one of those and it’ll last you a week.


I find that the lower calorie meals tend to put a lot of green or red peppers in to add flavor. I hate peppers, so I thought I would mention it. :shrug:

Ah, convenience foods… I used to live on those when I was single. I’ve tried all the ones mentioned except for the family-size lasagnes since I pretty much stuck with single-serving stuff. I agree with the assessments given, though it’s hit and miss when you get to specific entrees. There were always good and bad ones within a brand. Wish I could remember which ones, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t. It’s been a few years.

If you have a Costco (or other warehouse club) membership, it’s a great place to buy stuff like Marie Callender’s pot pies in bulk. Also, if you have a Whole Foods (or other organic or health food type store) nearby, you’ll find a lot more variety. Be sure to check out ethnic groceries as well. You don’t have to stick with meat and potatoes.

Oh yeah – one brand that hasn’t been mentioned yet that used to be a staple for me is the Nile Spice soups – they’re the add hot water type, but quite edible. I liked the couscous parmesan the best, though the black bean soup was another favorite. I’m pretty sure they still make those.

Yeah, Nile Spice is still around. But there’s not much to them; I found myself wanting more even just for a snack.


ETA: They are good, though.

Yeah, I guess they are kind of on the small side. You could always eat two, though. :wink:

TV dinners??? Yucky! Try watching Rachel Ray – you can make something quick and easy and in almost 30 minutes (It’s never really just 30 minutes but sometimes I get close!) Much better for you than all those extra ingredients they throw in convenience foods.

If you absolutely have to go with a frozen dinner, Amy’s has the least frightening ingredients and are fairly tasty.

OK, I’m a compulsive label reader, I admit it.

Another thing is you can pick a couple of days a week when you do cook for yourself, make some extra food to freeze and then heat that up when you need a fast meal.

Also, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine has a microwavable recipe and a “Cooking for One” recipe in every issue.

Here’s to healthy eating in 2007 :muah:


Mmmm…Amy’s vegan enchiladas are good!!! :drool: I’m a huge carnivore so if I don’t miss the meat in something, it must be good! :teehee:

zkimom, I’m a label reader too, and I’m not much on t.v. dinners myself. I usually try to do as you suggested and just “overcook” meals here and there and freeze them for the future. Nothing is better tasting and better for you than home cooking. I don’t like all of the extraneous ingredients they put in convenience foods. :verysad:

I don’t know if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, but if you do, almost anything from their freezer section is good. Their chicken lasagna is great. They also have some boil in the bag Indian food that are wonderful. I’ve been making alot of their convenience food lately. I also make stews and curries and such on Sundays and then we have those things on days I’m too busy to cook.

Nadja xxx

Yeah, cooking ahead would be preferable, but her plea made it sound like she might not even have time to do that.

Oh yeah, Trader Joes. Another good idea. Don’t get the potstickers, though. They were disappointing. Better ones available at the Asian market.

DH likes to make big pots of stuff too – some for now, and some for later sort of thing. Another quick dinner that DH likes to make is pizza – he’ll prepare 6 batches of dough at a time (we have a kitchenaid so the main hassle is waiting for it to rise), then he wraps them individually and throws 'em in the freezer. All he has to do later is pull out a ball to defrost, stretch it out, put whatever toppings on it and pop it in the oven.

(As you can tell, DH is good about making sure I’m well-fed… unfortunately, I weigh five pounds more now than I used to because of it! Burp!)

So you can do this??? My husband and I wondered the same thing, but I wasn’t sure. I was afraid that the cold of the freezer would kill off the yeast. It’s good to know for the future–thanks for the tip! :happydance:

Yep. In fact, we buy yeast in bulk from Costco and keep in the freezer, so I can confidently say that the cold does not kill it off.

For years frozen bread dough has been available in the freezer section at grocery stores. My sweetie is the bread baker and he buys a large bag of yeast which lives in the freezer.


I make my own dough too and freeze it and pull it out a day or two before I’m going to use it. Some stores like Trader Joes have fresh dough balls that are very good and inexpensive.

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