Tv channel on knitting program

Hi all

is there any knitting program about knitting on cable tv ?


It is on HGTV (I think). I’ve seen a few episodes. You can look up about the show at

(For me, however, they do some pretty out there and/or advanced stuff, but I find it fun to watch all the same.)

I don’t really watch Knitty Gritty all that often, because they tend to do “wacky and crazy” things, but sometimes they have a nice design. But, I guess that has to do with my love of traditional knitting (i.e. Aran/fair isle/ganseys/lace). I’ve been watching Elizabeth Zimmermann’s DVD television series “The Knitting workshop,” and it’s a goldmine of information. I also really like her Knitting Glossary videos, too.

i watch it more to learn about how to improve my knitting technique. I’m still having trouble with the intarsia method for adding the letter to my son’s sweater.

Knitty Gritty is on the DIY network and HGTV. I get them both :heart: I have a few of them on my DVR and then I put them on VCR tapes. I like to give them to Stitch n Bitch groups and friends. SO if you ever want a copy of an episode (like our own Amy’s!) then just let me know. Send me a VCR tape and I’ll make you a copy:waving:

Oooh, are the Elizabeth Zimmerman dvds good?