Tutu for Granddaughter

I made this tutu based on a pattern in a current knitting magazine. I altered the pattern…made it in the round…I think she will love it. It is made with cotton for the bodice and fun fur for the skirt.

you can find more information about it on ravelry under my nickname.

I can just see a little girl dancing around in that. Great work. Now you can watch her enjoy wearing it.

How adorable! I like the rich blue color, too. What budding ballerina wouldn’t love it?

I think it’s SPECTACULAR! My little granddaughter would have loved this when she was in ballet! It’s very special and unique!

That is cute!

Totally agree with everything that’s been said about this lovely piece so far.
It’s just precious and I can see the young lady in question enjoying wearing it so much!
How lucky she is to have such a talented and crafty grandmother!

Oh, very cute!!! The cotton will keep her cool as she spins like a top! Love the fun fur, too. Who would have thought that that yarn could have so many uses!!