Tutu bag from pursenality plus book(updated see pics)

hi everyone,
I made this tutu bag from book pursenality plus turned out really good. i love it. i just wanted to share my photo of bag.really intresting cute and comfortable bag

I get a message that the file is inaccessible. :thinking:

I couldn’t see it either :frowning:

I couldn’t see the photo either. Please, please can you post a photo here because a tutu bag just sounds so intriguing! :smiley:

:frowning: I couldn’t see it either…and I really want to :wink:

very cute! i had not problems viewing it

That bag is too too cute ! [size=2](Sorry bad pun)[/size]

aaah that is cute.

try again ladies…the link has been fixed so we can see it now! :thumbsup:

very cute!!! :inlove:

adorable! worth the wait :wink:

:smiley: Oh my…too cute :thumbsup:

oh wow thats nice!

I have this book and I am going to have to try this bag. Its is soooo cute :heart:

Love it! That’s adorable.

OH wow! Love it.

What a great bag! I recently purchased the book and am looking forward to making a purse from it very soon! A local yarn shop in Atascadero, California (The Scarlet Skein) is teaching a class on how to make one of the purses from the first Pursenality book. I am hoping to take it! By the way, if you are ever in the Atascadero area (Central Coast - San Luis Obispo area), stop by the Scarlet Skein. It’s a wonderful store! I’ve posted specific information on the United States Yarn Stores Map thread. :smiley:

That is too cute! Great job! :thumbsup:

That is sooo cute!

Dangit!!! I have to find out if Rams has this book. Lissa saw the pic and immediately said “BAH-BIE!!!”… so I need to make her one for her Barbie collection… oh what a spoiled little two year old I have. :rollseyes: [size=2]But how can I say no when she says “pweeze” so sweetly???[/size]

Your tutu bag is tootoo cute! I might have to get this book. I hear it calling to me. Nice bags! :thumbsup: