Tussah organic silk

i purchased tussah organic silk through ebay. it is very stiff and i am uncertain how to use it. i didn’t have a project in mind, just wanted to try out a new yarn. any ideas on patterns or other yarns i can use it with? any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

hrm you could knit it with something else… so you use two strands one of silk one of something else like I dunno Merino maybe…

Hi. :wink: I was interested in this kind of yarn (tussah silk) myself. :slight_smile: I think? I nice pattern/ idea for “stiffer” yarns (specifically silk/ not fuzzy ones) is a “woven” look decorative (not for warmth) scarf.

Knit it on big needles (so you get big holes/ and a loose/ fishermen’s net look). (knit in different coordinating bright? colors) (make the scarf medium/ thin width and pretty long)

when its finished edge with pretty long fringe and (optional) you could tie like, ? pretty glass beads or something to the ends of the fringe. :wink:

You could use a woven stitch like this one:

or just knit? with big needles a straight purl? stitch? :slight_smile:

It could look sort of like this:
but as a scarf, not a wrap. :wink: