Turtle Neck Egg Cozies - tiny sweaters from Weekend Knitting

I am having fun knitting these egg cozies which I will use for wall decorations and give away for ornaments. I would love for others to join me and maybe assist me on the areas I am having difficulty. This is fast to knit and totally adorable. :thumbsup:

Oh! I knit one of these some time ago, and it was so fun! I have to say, though, it was a little tough because I ended up using Magic Loop, and I had barely learned how to knit. (I didn’t have any DPNs.) But they do make cute little decorations, and I think they would make wonderful Christmas ornaments or package decorations for knitter friends!!

Wish I could join you in the KAL, but I have too many other projects lined up! Have fun, though!

where does one find the pattern for these? They sound cute.

If I remember right, they’re in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, et al. Someone correct me if I’m wrong!!

I checked it out at our local library.

The egg cozies first struck me as ridiculous, but when I started thinking about it, I decided they were quite cute. One of the ideas is to make a little garland out of several of them; another is to use them as Christmas ornaments.

Julie, I had to laugh…I have that book checked out right now, FROM YOUR LIBRARY. :roflhard:

Well, it is a small world, isn’t it? That is the one w/ the little sweater egg cozies, isn’t it???

Yup! :smiley: