I am beginning a dishcloth with yarn overs. It is great so far, but soon it says I will turn right or turn left, What would that mean in knitting? Turn the cloth?

Well usually you get to the end of the row and turn the work around to work on the other side. In knitting you move the needle with the stitches to the left hand and the empty needle to the right hand and start again.

However it can also mean short rows which turn in the middle of the work somewhere. I don’t think that’s what it means in this case since you’re knitting a dishcloth.

Also… include a link to the pattern when you can so we can help you better.

Does the pattern actually say ‘turn’ or does it say ‘twist’ left/right? Even if doing short rows, it wouldn’t specifically say left or right. But twist stitch - twist right, twist left - is like a mini cable stitch over 2 sts, and there may be instructions for that in the pattern.